For buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and mortgage lenders; an instant cost estimator
for title and escrow closing costs and estimates for seller net proceeds.


Quickly generate title insurance costs, seller net sheets and more with MetroClose presented by Metro National Title. Simply enter a few key variables into the calculator and a fee estimate is immediately generated. The estimate can be viewed, shared, or printed seamlessly. MetroClose is the only app you’ll ever need to estimate closing costs or proceeds on the sale or purchase of real estate.

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Megan Hall

Seen a few of these calculators on the net. There is nothing as quick and easy to use. No Ads!

Tara Heaton

I had a Real Estate associate tell me about this. Glad you can get in and get out and know which direction your going.

Brian Millstone

If your looking to start a fire under your real estate project, I would highly reccomend this App. Don't be overwhelemed with the math. Get a quick and concise view of what your looking at.

Michael Yang

Out of the few decent calculators out there, this is the clear winner. Thank you Metro Title for taking the time to make our lives easier!

Sarah Rivers

You don't have to wait for your contact to get you this information. Metro has provided an easy way to figure out what your costs are going to be. Nice work!

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